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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marvelous Miss Millie

Meet Millie.
While her birthday was only two weeks ago, she's an old soul. Look at the wisdom and love in her beautiful eyes.
And those cheeks! I could just eat them up all day.
Millie was a long awaited gift to her family. She had only been home a few days when we took these photos. Her mother carried her around with such pride! To have such intense unconditional love for a child before you've seen her, felt her presence, smelled her or held her close is a blessing.
I can't describe how lovely it feels to be in the presence of the strong bond between a Mother and her adopted child.
But, with only a few days together, Millie knew the moment her Mama came in the room. She knew her scent, her voice and her heartbeat. She was visibly calmed when she could sense her mother. She knew she was where she always belonged.


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